As of 10 July 2014, this is the most expensive listing in Downtown Manhattan. For $188.5 million, you can own one of the most amazing apartments in the world. 

The Ritz Carlton New York has just put three of its top floor apartments on the market. Coming in at a huge 15,434 sq/ft, these three apartments on the top two floors are to be combined to form one mega apartment. That’s just $12,213.29 per sq/ft! Bargain.

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If it sells it will become the highest sold property in Manhattan’s history. The current record holder for highest priced property remains the Central Park West apartment for $88.5 million. If this sells, that’s more than double.

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These Ritz apartments won’t be around long. If you can imagine the sort of incredible lifestyle that would go with this amazing apartment then you’d have to agree that it truly beckons the call of heaven on Earth.

With vast views of the Statue of Liberty, Hudson River and Central Park, you could almost charge tourists for a viewing spot from this boss ultra pad.

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Room service and house keeping included with sale. Keep the change.

Source: Richard Caplan