Another Reason Why Rio 2016 Is A Bad Idea; Highway Bandits

As if the Zika virus, dead bodies floating in the waterways, and recent financial woes weren’t enough reasons that the Olympics in Rio were a bad idea, check out this terrifying video. A shooter took aim at a bunch of cars on a major highway that leads into Rio de Janeiro.

The highway is the Red Line, Rio’s main highway and the only route into Brazil’s Olympic city. This highway is also where every fan, athlete and foreign dignitary will travel to get to the Olympics.

rio_highway_rifle“With just seven weeks to go before the Olympic party kicks off, the image – posted by bragging bandits on social media yesterday – shows that, despite promises to clean up the city’s crime-ridden slums, gangsters appear to be still firmly in control.” – Daily Mail

Another note, this highway has been plagued with shootings, car jackings and hostage takings. That’s Rio 2016 for ya.