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Barstool Sports Destroyed Emily Austen’s Career


“I didn’t even know Mexicans were that smart,” says now-former Fox Sports Florida sideline reporter Emily Austen in a since deleted Barstool Sports’ Rundown broadcast Thursday.

Generally, any statement that follows, “I’m not trying to be racist,” is always racist.

While Barstool usually pre-records its Rundown episodes, they tried something different on this edition. Unfortunately for Austen, it was broadcasted on Facebook Live to over 1.5 million viewers. Throughout the broadcast, she makes a ton of racist and anti-semitic remarks, as her cohosts laugh along. Naturally, Barstool doing Barstool things.

The rants begin around the 25 minute mark.

She has since spoken out on twitter apologizing. Unfortunately for her, she has been terminated and will be forever ridiculed for those remarks. Kinda sucks, she had a bright future.