Dartz Prombron SUV

This absolute beast of an armored car was created by the privately owned Latvian company, Dartz. By the way, this is the world’s most expensive SUV with a price tag of $1.25 million a piece. Some stand-out features of the Prombron include gold-plated bullet proof windows, gold and ruby embedded badges, a Duramax V8 engine with a top speed of 180 km/h, tungsten exhaust system and a Kevlar coated exterior. The Prombron comes in four security armored classes ranging from B2 to B7, with the B7 model able to withstand rocket-propelled grenades, heavy machine gun fire and land mines.

According to rumors, buyer’s of the Prombron receive three bottles of the world’s most expensive vodka Russo Baltique upon purchase. A Sunday drive in this would certainly be an interesting experience to say the least. If you want to feel safe in your ride, get this, Jay-Z has.

BR PromBron 1

Dartz Prombron 1

Dartz Prombron 3

Dartz Prombron 4

Dartz Prombron 5

Dartz Prombron 6

Dartz Prombron 7

Dartz Prombron 8

Dartz Prombron 9

Dartz Prombron 10