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Dosh Luxe Wallet Review

Dosh Luxe Wallet Review

If there's one company that's completely gone against the grain in terms of wallet craftsmanship, it's DoshHailing from the design hub of Surry Hills, Sydney; Dosh has done everything not in the textbook when it comes to creating a wallet. In fact, they've done the complete opposite by using high-tech materials, clever wallet innovation, and future thinking design.

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When we sat down with our beers and began to have a look at this wallet (the Dosh Luxe) we thought to ourselves, well this is unique. And unique it is. The first difference we noticed right from the get-go was its plastic design. Not any old plastic mind you, Dosh call it "Elastollan", a water-resistant, highly durable advanced polymer that is nice on touch and very light. These surely aren't some cheap import if you're wondering as quite a bit of R&D went into this wallet.

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Dosh pride themselves on creating functional, go-anywhere innovative wallets for the modern man. They've achieved this by not including a coin section, inserting a stainless steel robust money clip and creating a wallet that seems like it could survive many late nights out. The polymer construction has removed the need to worry about stitching coming undone as Dosh have created their entirely own patented design process.


This is made possible by molding, bonding and fusing a combination of flexible and semi-flexible materials. You've already guessed right that the amount of science behind this wallet is impressive to say the very least. NASA would be proud.

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Opening up, we are met with a money clip and six credit card size 'holster' slots. We'll also mention that the inside finishing is a smoother, matte finish polymer and smooth to touch. When we inserted some cards we noticed something quite interesting occur but we don't know if it's a design feature. Upon inserting a card into a slot we noticed a firm jarring of the card. In other words, it fit in nice and snug which reassured us that the cards won't fall out. Phew, this could of been a deal breaker.

Copyright 2014 David Hyde - Oscar Hyde PhotographyCopyright 2014 David Hyde - Oscar Hyde PhotographyCopyright 2014 David Hyde - Oscar Hyde Photography

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