The Most Expensive Apartments Cost $387 Million Dollars

The Most Expensive Apartments Cost $387 Million Dollars

The small country of Monaco, a country embraced for its luxury roots like luxurious casinos, yachts, and cars; is also home to the world’s most expensive apartments, the Odeon Tower. These apartments are evaluated at $387 million!

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It is 550ft tall and features 70 apartments ranging from 1 to 6 bedrooms each. There is also two duplexes (in the 70 apartments counting) that are 13k square feet and also the mentioned 35k square feet Sky-Penthouse that rounds out the top of the building. Holy crap.

The penthouse itself has floor to ceiling windows, private terraces with a beach view of Monaco's beautiful beaches, and a private water slide with a circular infinity pool.

Now we know why this place has the most expensive apartments in the world. It is gorgeous!

Quick Notes on Odeon Tower

Name: Odeon Tower
Phone: +3 779-999-4100
Address: 36 Avenue de l'Annonciade
Monaco , Monaco 980000

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