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New Technology – Festo has Made a Flying Robot Bat


Meet Festo’s next nature-themed flying robot: the Bionic Flying Fox. It may be named after after a four-legged mammal, but the robot’s design clearly comes from bats.

Festo even gives the Batman films a nod and a wink with its interesting choice of music in the video below.

The flying robot bat in action

This, however, isn’t Festo’s first rodeo. TheĀ German industrial automation company previously made robotic ants, butterflies, and kangaroos.

How it works

The Bionic Flying Fox has a lightweight frame, a custom membrane for the wings, and uses machine learning to fly. It uses a system of gears and motors to provide the flying power and steering.

Meanwhile, the wings use two airtight films and a knitted elastane fabric, stitched together at over 40,000 points. This makes the wings lightweight and durable.

This flying robot probably won’t ever be used commercially, but it’s a pretty good demonstration of the state of robotics today.

Think about it: with just a few simple materials, it’s possible to build a flying machine that can mimic a way of flying that took animals millions of years to evolve.

Interestingly, the Bionic Flying Fox might still need SpotMini‘s help to get back indoors when it’s low on batteries.

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