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New Technology – Uber, NASA Partner For Flying Cars


NASA has partnered with transport giant Uber to develop an air traffic control system for a flying cars service. Yes, the reality of a Blade Runner cityscape with airborne cars is happening.

System for flying cars

NASA already has a head start in developing such a system. In 2011, they started the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration in the National Airspace System (or UAS in the NAS) project. It looked into integrating unmanned aircraft into the U.S. airspace.

In 2015, NASA introduced its UAS Traffic Management project, which focuses on smaller, lower-flying drones.

“We believe our job is to create opportunities for the UAM community to work together toward the common goal of safe, efficient and quiet operations,” said Rich Wahls, NASA’s strategic technical advisor in its Advanced Air Vehicles Program.

“We have a unique role to play in leading collaborative efforts that leverage the knowledge, technologies, and visions of everyone coming to the table.”

Uber said it hopes to launch its flying cars service (called Uber Elevate or UberAir) by 2020. The transport firm said Los Angeles, Dallas, and Dubai will serve as the service’s first locations.