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Who Says Hermione Can’t Be Black?

Who Says Hermione Can't Be Black?

JK Rowling’s newest playHarry Potter and the Cursed Child, has already sold over 175,000 tickets in just 24 hours. Not a surprise as this is huge for Harry Potter fans.

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All across social media however, fans of the movie have been criticizing the writer for casting a black actress in the role of Hermione. Shocker. Who Says Hermione Can’t Be Black? In an interview with The Observer released today, JK Rowling slammed her critics, call them a “bunch of racists.” Noma Dumezweni, playing Hermione, was simply “the best actress for the job.”

This is going to be an awesome play, regardless of who plays Hermione. There are always going to be those individuals who make a big deal out of nothing. Haters gonna hate.

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