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Scientists Support Tom Brady In DeflateGate Case

Scientists Back Tom Brady Case
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So incase you have been living under a rock, back in 2015, Tom Brady was initially suspended four games by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for participating in a so-called scheme to use improperly inflated football. Ridiculous. But now, the Suspension has been reinstated and Brady, of course, is appealing once more. Interestingly enough, Engineering and physics professors from across the country are now standing behind the star quarterback.

“As professors, we cannot fathom how it is permissible to impose punishment for the possibility of a negligible increment of pressure loss, when underinflated footballs are common to NFL games, when laws of physics cause much larger pressure drops, and when the very possibility of an additional increment of pressure loss was generated from assumptions of the league’s choosing rather than data,” the brief states. “In the name of science, we support the petition for rehearing.” – Boston Herald

So how stupid does the NFL look now?

SOURCEBoston Herald
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