So it’s Shark Week on Discovery Channel, the channel that millions flock to for accurate scientific reporting on the animals and natural world we live in; until the Sharkstravaganza segment aired that is. 

Discovery Channel will gladly add to the worldwide paranoia humans have towards Sharks. Ratings wise, Sharks are best made out to be absolute monsters of the Ocean. All the way back to the Jaws movie, Sharks have a stigma they don’t deserve.

shark 3

See, Discovery Channel aired a documentary on the Megalodon, a prehistoric super shark if you will with teeth the size of human hands. Thing is, Discovery Channel claimed to have found some ‘found footage’ which was completely bullshit if you ask us. For starters, the ‘found footage’ was shot with a professional camera, not some holiday handycam.

Watch here for the bogus claim of a giant fin claiming to be the Megalodon.

Now watch Vox completely destroy Discovery Channel’s Shark Week credibility.