Spoiled.io Will Send Game of Thrones Spoilers To Your Friends

(Source: Spoiled.io)

The website Spoiled.io might be the cruelest wedsite to ever be developer. The sole purpose of this service is to spoil your friends or enemies on major plots in the ever so popular HBO series, Game of Thrones.

Unfortunately, this service is not free ($0.99) but who can put a price on crushing your worst enemy?

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How does Spoiled.io work? Well, the app will anonymously text your a phone number provided by you with spoilers like Jon Snow’s fate or what Ramsay Bolton’s dogs had for dinner last night. The spoilers will continue to roll in after each new episode.

The app comes just in time for Sunday’s Season 6’s finale, which as we all expect is suppose to be the best episode to date.

Tread lightly.