The Tallest Drop Coaster In The World, Valravn Is Absolutely Terrifying

Valravn is the tallest, fastest, and longest drop coaster to date, and it opens this summer at US theme park Cedar Point.

Let’s talk you through what you will experience. Valravn begins when you climb 223 feet into the air at a 47-degree angle. Then, the coaster is temporarily stopped and held into position at the very edge of the 214ft vertical drop.

Not scared yet?

The coaster is then released at the top and drops 214 feet straight down, followed by a   an Immelmann maneuver.  NBD. Next up, you’ll climb back up for a second drop, this time soaring into a dive loop and immediately into a 270-degree roll.

If you like feeling weightless, then this is for you!
Take a look at the Specs for this ride (courtesy of
1. Loading station
2. 223-foot-tall lift hill
3. Holding brake – hang for 4 seconds over the edge!
4. 90-degree drop
5. 165-foot-tall Immelmann
6. 131-foot-tall second hill
7. Dive loop
8. 270-degree roll
9. Airtime hill