The Cost of Online Pirating

Whether it’s directly or indirectly, chances are you’ve been involved in online piracy. The statistics put you (as an Internet user) amongst the majority – an online pirate.

The block buster movie list below offers up some interesting points. Firstly, most of the films have also been box office hits. A Pirater would suggest that illegal downloading hasn’t affected the market too badly. That being said, it’s difficult to calculate who from this demographic would have ventured outdoors to a cinema to catch a movie on the big screen. 

Either way, as of 2013 the movie industry has ceased reporting inflated losses from movie piracy. The MPAA (Motion Picture Associated of America) reported losses of $58 Billion in the United States alone. However, an academic study has found the result of illegal movie downloading is between $2 Billion to $3 Billion a year.

RankMovie# downloads$US Gross
1Avatar (2009)21 million$2,782,275,172
2The Dark Knight (2008)19 million$1,001,921,825
3Transformers (2007)19 million$709,709,780
4Inception (2010)18 million$825,408,570
5The Hangover (2009)17 million$467,483,912
6Star Trek (2008)16 million$385,680,446
7Kick-Ass (2010)15 million$96,188,903
8The Departed (2006)14 million289,847,354
9The Incredible Hulk (2008)14 million$263,427,551
10Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007)14 million$963,420,425