The slow death of brick and mortar retail is creating an abandoned demise of America’s once cultural icon – the shopping mall. Of approximately 1300 malls across America, only 400 are profitable. Why is this happening? Blame an ever looming long-term recession and the rise of online shopping. Many of these malls are built in small towns, take the Randall Park Mall for example, the town itself in North Randall, Ohio has a population of 1,500 yet the mall employed 500 of these citizens. Take a look below at some of the biggest malls once thriving with screaming children and soccer moms eating ice cream.

Randall Park Mall, Ohio – closed 2009.

mall 1

mall 2

Chestwood Mall, St Louis – closed 2013

mall 3 mall 4

North Towne Square Mall, Ohio – closed 2005

mall 5 mall 6

Dixie Square Mall, Illinois – demolished 2011

mall 7 mall 8

Rolling Acres Mall, Ohio – closed 2013




mall 10


mall 12

Hawthorne Plaza Mall, California – closed 1999.

mall 11

Images via – reddit