Cuba has a secret to spill but we’re going to spill it for you. Just scroll down to find out.

Just outside the city of Trinidad, Cuba lies a stony path that leads to somewhere profound.

Cuba 1

Follow the path until you see some longer grass and a dirt road.

Cuba 2

As you keep going you’ll eventually find this average looking tree, walk closer and take a look.

Cuba 3

At the base of the tree you’ll find a small grilled jail like door with a banner “Disco Ayala”, looks harmless right?

Cuba 4

Walk down the stairs and keep following the path…

Cuba 5

Keep going…

Cuba 6

Until you finally get to Club Ayala which is nestled into the rock cave formations.

Cuba 7

Herein lies an amazing, hidden Cuban bar.

Cuba 8

You’ll find all your favorites here, Mojito’s, Cervezas and CubaLibres.

Cuba 9

Seems quiet right? Well this club soon turns into a heaving nightclub by night.

Cuba 10

The main dance floor fills up…

Cuba 11

Thanks to the DJ booth. Behind the DJ booth you’ll find quieter, chill out areas.

Cuba 12

Sometimes the best places are well hidden.

Cuba 13