Vans have proved they’re more than a skateboarding apparel company. In fact, they are similar to Red Bull in regards to helping the skateboarding culture thrive through their innovative ventures and community engagement.

london skate 6

Vans have gone ahead and transformed the derelict and abandoned Waterloo station into an underground skatepark and art hub. Whilst skating has always had an underground vibe to its culture, this skatepark cements the very essence of underground skateboarding.

london skate 2

Vans have built in ramps, bowls, grind rails and boxes into a 30,000 sq/ft cavern underground. Vans are also hosting art event nights to coincide with street artists to promote their ‘off the wall’ cultural vibe of the brand. So if you’re in the London area, grab your deck and head to Waterloo station because this looks damn fun.

london skate 3

london skate 4

london skate 5

Watch the video below of the transformation of Waterloo station.

Photography: House of Vans