The US Navy Just Released “The GUMP”

The US Navy just unleashed the USS Montgomery aka ‘The Gump’.

Originally designed to take down a potential Godzilla, this modern war ship is equipped with, you guessed it, a fucking Rail gun, lasers that shoot down planes and a cozy corner in the captain’s office to drive a few virtual golf balls after a stressful morning barking orders.

And a Gump she is, measuring in at a hefty ft (127 meters) and reaches 47 knots (55 miles/h, 90 km/h).

Combat Ships operate on short-range missions near their base or alongside their bigger brothers, Destroyers. Combat Ships (official name Littoral Combat Ships) are a new breed of navy ships providing quick response, mine hunting, scouting and of course combat.

Read more via the Navy’s official press release.