The Desert House is listed as “the most important architectural house you may have never seen” and boy do we agree. We don’t know how this hasn’t been in a major blockbuster yet with its endless uses for some sort of villains headquarters or even a second home to Iron Man.

Designed by Ken Kellogg, this $3 million dollar home is situated in the warmth of Joshua Tree, CA. With its commanding and bold design, the Desert House has been designed from the ground up to completely comply with its organic surroundings.

villain 2

Finished in 1993, the interior designer, John Vugrin took his time making alterations and ironing out small imperfections for a number of years. The owners didn’t move in until the early 2000’s and as the years went by decided they wanted to downsize.

villain 3

The textures of this house were meticulously selected from the desert. The true vibe of this home becomes consumed by the rocky, somewhat mystic and peacefully isolated 10 acres lot.

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Photos: Lance Gerber / Nuvue Interactive