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Sniper: Through the Scope



It’s a long road. A life of solitude, endless training and fighting inner demons for life.
These are the qualities that make a professional sniper.

To become a true weapon in this craft, one must block out all external thoughts when making a kill shot. Snipers can work in teams of two with a spotter for support.

Human senses must be at peak condition and one must be able to handle long waits for the right shot, sometimes taking days.

Knowing your weapon down to every bolt and spring along with a thorough knowledge of ballistics are expected on a basic entry level.

To be the best, you need to look down the scope, feel a calm rush over your body and mind and act with no hesitation.

Training to be a sniper takes years which also means being alone with your thoughts, honing your craft and becoming the ultimate calculated assassin.

You need to be constantly updating your understanding with weapon systems, learning new stealth and bushcraft.

Snipers are rarely awarded for their efforts in the battlefield, usually taking the lone warrior stance. Some of the deadliest snipers in history will never have their identities disclosed.