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Relive The Top Vines Of All Time

Rest In Peace Vine: Top Vines Of All Time

On October 25th, 2016, Vine announced that it was officially discontinuing its mobile app. This is an absolute HUGE blow for those who live and die for the social media platform. In honor of its discontinuation, we have found 15 of the Top Vines Of All Time.

So go ahead and relive those viral videos below.

Read Vine’s official press release here

As shown by this little girl, Vine was a place to express your dreams.

Vine was also a place to share your needs.

This little boy expressed his fears.

Vine was perfect for acknowledge that things might not be going your way.

Even if confrontation was necessary, Vine made it easy to keep it real.

Hillary got some good laughs

How about this backflip?

There was never any shame in ‘doing it for Vine’

This dog performs that drumming solo perfectly in Phil Collins’ ‘In the Air Tonight’

This cat and Jason DeRulo.

Shout out to Lebron.

Riley Curry’s viral press conferences.

This artist is spectacular.

Vine was great for performing covers of your favorite artist.

Leo is a BOSS.

Rest in Peace Vine

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