Train Surfing, or better known throughout South Africa as ‘staff riding’ is a phenomena with deep roots in the township of Katlehong. In a place where drugs, AIDS, alcohol abuse and poverty are rife, for some kids this is their only escape or perhaps deadly distraction.

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The majority of train surfers are under the fragile age of 25 and risk their lives daily by walking along the top of moving trains, ducking high-voltage overhead live-wires and jumping between trains.

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The Prasa Metrorail, one of the largest train companies in SA, is intrinsically linked to the local community by means of supplying vital transport for the community. As you can only imagine how downright dangerous staff riding is, it’ll be no surprise to you that amputations occur frequently, a lucky outcome for the ones that live to tell the story. But this act of risking it all to cheat death goes back to Katlehong’s rich history of apartheid and anti-segregation.

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Watch the video below for an eye opening insight to Train Surfers in SA.

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Source: All Images MARCO CASINO