In a bizarre ageing experiment, Veuve Clicquot has buried hundreds of bottles of champagne into the depths of the Baltic Sea for 50 years. 

To commemorate the discovery of divers finding bottles of 230 year old champagne four years ago in the same area, Veuve Clicquot has lowered 300 hundred regular bottles and 50 magnums in a specially built underwater cellar dubbed “Aland Vault” named after the Aland shipwreck found off the coast of Finland.

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The vault of Veuve bottles lies 40m below the surface and will be monitored by cellarmasters and tried for tastings at yearly milestones. Veuve Clicquot chose the Baltic Sea as it offers ideal aging conditions with a constant temperature of around 4C and low salinity levels. And yes, we plan on heading out there in 48 years and plucking them out before times up.

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