Say hello to the motherload – the Maersk Triple E, the largest vessel ever to be built to date. This bad boy is one of twenty being built in a landmark $3.8 billion dollar contract and can hold a record breaking 18,000 shipping containers. Due to its sheer insane size, it’s hard to comprehend that just a crew of 15 will be at the helm of this beast. That’s why they built in a movie cinema and swimming pool for entertainment.

ship 1

Cargo containers can be stacked 11 levels deep in the gallows and 10 levels high on the top of the ship. 20 of these have been ordered by Danish shipping company, Maersk Lines for delivery in 2015. One of these ships has enough capacity to transport 864 million bananas. The engines alone have 30,000kW of power with a top speed of 23 knots (41kph).

ship 2 ship 3 ship 6 ship 7 ship 8 ship 9 ship 10 ship 11 ship 12 ship 13 sip 4

Image source: Alastair Philip Wiper