The streets of Knightsbridge are in the midst of witnessing the largest gathering of tacky, over-cheesed exotic cars as the playboys of the Middle-East flock to escape the scorching summer months.

knight 2

You could almost compare this unofficial meeting of Arab-owned super-cars to that of the Ascot Races or perhaps even Wimbledon. While you’ll be sure to see some Aventator, Bugatti and Maserati owners happily illegally park for hours, don’t expect to turn your head as much as you’d think in regards to class.

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Heavily modded super-cars line the streets of Knightsbridge, London’s central luxury shopping district. And we all know with ‘heavy modding’ comes a fine line between a car having that extra oomph of wow factor or being a terrible mess like this Ferrari above. Last year £30,000 was racked up in fines, chump change for these cashed up kids.

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Take a look through the below and make your own opinions, we’ll reserve our comments.

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