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North Korea – 20 weird and not so wonderful facts

North Korea - 20 weird and not so wonderful facts | Boss Royal

North Korea, or the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea is debatably the most unusual country in the world. Despite, claiming to hold free elections and boasting a multi-party government, North Korea remains the most oppressive ad secretive state in the world. Because of this very few people know what it’s like to live in North Korea, which has led to a lot of speculation and rumor. However, the few things that have been leaked are both interesting and outright weird.

1) Pot is legal in North Korea

That’s right, marijuana is 100% legal in the DPRK, so much so, that the government doesn’t even consider it a drug!

2) North Korea has the Largest Stadium in the World

The May Day stadium on an island in the center of Pyongyang has a 150,000-spectator capacity. That’s the Telstra Dome, Suncorp Stadium and AAMI Stadium put together!

3) Wearing Jeans is Illegal

The government in North Korea has strict guidelines on clothing. Styles, considered to American-orientated are forbidden, that includes baseball caps, women wearing any form of trousers and any types of jeans.

4) They Found a Unicorn Lair

In 2012 Government officials in North Korea claimed that 200m from the Center of Pyongyang they found a cave which turned out to be a unicorn lair.

5) There is No Internet

Normal North Korean citizens have no access to Internet, and are so restricted on media, that they probably wouldn’t know it existed. However, it is assumed that a handful of the elite are given such privileges, though it is heavily restricted.

6) It is the Most Corrupt Country in the World

Year upon year, the Global Corruption Perceptions Index places North Korea at the very bottom of the list, giving it the title of The Most Corrupt Country In The World.

7) It has Concentration Camps

North Korea has an alleged 16 Concentration camps (or Political Prison Camps). Here they practice torture, starvation, public humiliation, human experimentation and mutilation, forced labor, rape and execution.

8) 4th Largest Army in the World

North Korea has an active military presence of 1.2 million personnel. In comparison, the US has 1.4 million.

9) Men can only choose from 1 of 10 haircuts

In North Korea, men can choose from only 1 of 10 state-approved haircuts. Women have a choice of 28.

10) It has a 100% literacy rate

North Korea boasts a literacy rate, higher than Australia, the UK and the US. But that’s what they tell us.

11) A Propaganda City on the border

Once North Korea heard of a new observation, Tourist Park on the South Korean side of the border, it decided to build a whole city, complete with a nursery, primary school, hospital and theatre in an effort to gain popularity amongst visiting tourists. However, the city is totally uninhabited.

12) The Lion King was animated in North Korea

Parts of Disney’s The Lion King were animated in SEK studios in North Korea, which led to much controversy.

13) In North Korea it is the year 104

After the establishment of North Korea, by Kim Il-Sung, the National Calendar of Korea was re-written to suit North Korea. It is not 2015, it’s 104.

14) Its Founder Stole 1000 Volvo Sudan’s

The founder of North Korea, Kim Il-Sung took 1000 Volvo’s from Sweden and the best bit, he never paid a cent!

15) Farmers use Human Feces as Fertilizer

Due to North Korea’s lack of wealth and resources, many farmers have allegedly resorted to using human feces as fertilizer to grow vital crops.

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