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5 Most Valuable Comic Books Ever

5 Most Valuable Comic Books Ever

Most comics are worthless, but these are the 5 most valuable comic books you will never find.

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5. BATMAN No. 1 – Value: $359,000

BATMAN No. 1 - Value: $359,000 Cover

Our personal fave is the first appearance of the Bat. The value of the first edition of the Batman comic book comes in at a staggering $359k. While Superman was busy with his popularity and in high demand, Batman was silently climbing the ranks to become just as high caliber today. Batman made his first appeared in the Detective Comics series.

In the spring of 1940, the first comic book in his self-titled series, and the first in which Robin appeared, were released.

4. MARVEL COMICS No. 1 – Value: $367,000


The value of the very first edition of the Marvel comic book series brings in a cool $367k. We know the DC fans hate Marvel and vice versa but at this time in 1939 there was enough room for another flagship comic company to squeeze in and share the profits. This issue saw the first appearances of the Human Torch and the Fantastic Four. Captain America would soon follow in later issues and the war between DC would begin.

3. SUPERMAN No. 1 – Value: $671,000


The value of the first edition of the Superman comic book series brings in an incredible $747k! We know it’s confusing when an issue 1 of the original character isn’t yet the most valuable edition. This is because first appearance issues are worth more. By the time this issue #1 was released, comic book readers were everywhere and many feel that this was a quick cash cow for DC. Still, if you find this or know someone who has a mint copy, it’s worth almost a million dollars.

2. DETECTIVE COMICS No. 27 – Value: $1.38 Million


The value of the 27th edition of the Detective Comics comic book series brings in an mind numbing $1.38 Million! This edition saw Batman’s character begin to take shape in Gotham City as he forms a vigilante affiliation with Commissioner Gordon. Neck to neck with Superman comic sales at the time, DC was lucky to have made not one but two very popular and contrasting heroes.

1. ACTION COMICS No. 1 – Value: $1.39 Million


The first appearance of Superman, not to mention any super hero, is no doubt the holy grail of comics. The value of the first edition of the Action Comics comic book series brings in a record of 1.39 Million.

Museum worthy, this comic printed in June 1938 and only costing 10 cents at the time would then go on to be the world’s most valuable comic. Lots of reprints and less valuable editions have flooded the collectors market so be sure to check authenticity if you feel you’ve found a credible edition. This comic is the first American comic to be bound and sold as an individual story, up until this point comics were just small frames in rag newspapers.

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