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An F-16 Jet, 9 G’s and a GoPro


When Nikon ambassador Blair Bunting got a chance to go for a ride in an F-16, he surely didn’t waste the opportunity. Taking up a GoPro with him and the United States Air Force Thunderbirds, Blair describes what it’s like pulling 9 G’s in a vertical pull up.

“Now let me try my best to explain what 9 G’s feels like… Firstly, in no way is it comfortable, not even close. I began to feel my face melting away as the skin in my cheeks pulled down to my mouth. The color from my vision was the next thing to fade away, first the reds, then the greens. Squeezing like hell, I did everything I could to get air into my lungs as the G-suit wrenched it out. With all the color of a 1950′s television set, the next thing I noticed was that waves were starting to develop in my vision and a vignette appeared. All the while I am listening to the pilot’s breathing and trying my hardest to match it. At any point I could relax and immediately be unconscious, only to wake up and wonder where I am, but I had trained too hard to let this happen. Then, just as G’s set had set in, they  began to leave and normalcy appeared. However, if I were to relax at that point, the blood would leave my brain too fast and knock me out as well, so I continually squeeze as the G’s lift and my body slowly returns to what sanity it had left.”

Watch the video below.

Credit: Jaron Schneider