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Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet Review


You’ve probably heard your friends whine about how thick their wallets are from time to time. More specifically, the ones who hang on to those loyalty cards for no reason. So how does one slim down their wallets and still offer so many card spaces? Say Hello to the Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet; “Blue Steel” edition.

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This time, praise goes out to Bellroy for sticking to their guns and offering people the chance to slim down their wallet. Bellroy is one of those niche companies that takes risks with their wallet designs. They add hidden features and changing shapes of the wallets altogether. The Bellroy Note Sleeve wallet is a compact, vertical format wallet with lots of room for bills and cards.

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In the deep bill section you’ll find two tucked away pockets. One for loose change and one for additional, seldom used cards. This is a great feature if you are wanting to trim down your wallet to only offer the common cards you need access to. Those Starbucks loyalty cards can happily rot away in the back until you can get that sugar loaded frappe.

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The section underneath the quick access slots offers a cleverly designed leather pull tab for extra cards you don’t use day-to-day. Lining and stitching is top notch with double stitching on the stress points of the wallet for added durability. Trimming is tight and accurate with no stiffness. The ‘blue steel’ edition we’ve been sent to review is a nice earthy blue tone with external white stitching to give it that extra pop. This bad boy comes in eight colors and backed by a 3 year global warranty.

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Size wise, the note sleeve feels somewhat awkward to open for the first few times. This is because it’s been vertically formatted unlike your standard horizontally orientated wallets so it took us a bit of getting used to. The bill pocket deepness means you can fit in many bills of any currency which is handy for the keen traveler that juggles numerous cash on their adventures.

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As you can see fully loaded, the Note Sleeve ads functional slimness by hiding away unneeded cards with the pull tab allowing you to alternate between work or play by customizing your fit out. We really liked this feature and it quickly became the wallet’s hallmark feature.

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Here’s a full exploded view of everything that can fit into the Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet comfortably and still feel much slimmer than traditional horizontal format wallets. If you’re looking to slim your down your wallet, help your friends stop whinging about theirs or stash away cards and prioritize your kit, get this. You won’t be disappointed.

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  • Can fit nearly any currency bill on the face of the Earth
  • Plenty of room for cards with innovative pull tab
  • 3 quick access slots and coin pocket
  • Small and compact


  • Leather could be a bit too soft for long term wear
  • Casual styling – not for the professional

Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet – ‘Blue Steel’ $89.95
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Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet from Bellroy on Vimeo.