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Boston’s Hidden Shoe Store: Bodega


We heard about this boutique store in Boston that disguises itself as a local, run down, convenience store. It’s known by the cool kids on the block as "Bodega Sport". Without experiencing Bodega first hand (yet), we got in touch with Adam Burke (Cambridge, MA) who struggled with sensory overload and fought through a thumping hangover to get us the inside scoop.

For a year now I've heard about his cool boutique near Northeastern that disguises itself as a local convenience store but in actuality is this new urban store that sells the freshest gear. I also heard that you had to spew out some "secret phrase" to get in, like "I bought shoes here" or "open sesame" or something like that - then some trapped door would open and you would be whisked away into this impeccable urban shop with the limited edition kicks and tight screen print shirts.. RSVP my shit now!


On my first trip there, I was a bit hung over and still in the clothes I wore the night before and couldn't handle the sensory over load that Bodega was spitting my way. So I made sure the second time I went, I'd be in sober mode and ready lay down some bank. My second trip was on a Sunday and there was a line out the door. The space is fairly small, so they don't want people bumping shoulder to shoulder in there and potentially ruining some expensive gear.

The first thing that catches your eyes, when the sliding vending machine door opens (yes this is how you get into Bodega), is how bright the place is. It's like staring directly at the sun without your aviators. I would not recommend coming here hungover, as was my mistake the first time I came. If you do, bring yo shades! Another thing that you can't help but notice is the "high end" feel of the shelving that they place all of the apparel on. Very swanky. There was some krunked out electronica blasting from the speakers that my friend Michele and I couldn't help but bob our head to it.


I browsed the kicks section; because I was in dire need of some new dunks (the prices here are very competitive to other stores of its kind). I fell in love with these tan and blue high tops. I tried them on and was sold! But I thought "I need to get a stylin t-shirt to go with these". The salesmen/women were very helpful with assisting me with sizes and I was able to pick out this sweet silk screen of a skull spitting out lightning bolts!!!


WHHAAA?!?!? Yes, please!!

They also have fairly extensive jacket collection as well. Although a bit out of my price range they carry the highest quality of wind breakers and winter parkas (yeah that's right, I use the word "parka").


If you have a hankering for a Goya malt beverage, Cheetos and a pair of limited edition Jordan's or you just have to have an 80's style purple Reebok jacket and a golden pick necklace go to Bodega. It's a very chill place with chill employees that are there to assist you and make your visit there an enjoyable one.



4.1/ 5 stars - based on 74 Google Reviews
6 Clearway St Boston, Ma 02114
Mon-Wed 11am – 6pm
Thur-Sat 11am – 8pm
Sun 12pm - 6pm
Price Range: $$$
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