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Bruce Lee never lost a fight

Bruce lee Angry

Bruce Lee. The name synonymous with peak physical conditioning, mastering martial arts and pushing the limits of human achievement. His parents called him ‘Little Pheonix’ from a young age and he had trouble staying focussed in school. He loved a good street fight and was expelled from numerous schools for disruptive behaviour. But Bruce found peace within fighting, the very thing that later on defined his life and legacy. Bruce was as strong in mind as he was fist. He graduated from a philosophy major at the University of Washington. Bruce eventually dropped out to open his own martial arts school and pursue his eventual teaching of Jeet Kune Do.

Bruce was occasionally challenged from time to time for a duel. He was faced by many martial arts professionals from all over the world. While filming¬†Enter the Dragon, an actor extra taunted Bruce Lee and then challenged him to fight. The whole thing went down like this…

“This kid was good. He was no punk. He was strong and fast, and he was really trying to punch Bruce’s brains in. But Bruce just methodically took him apart.”

“I mean Bruce kept moving so well, this kid couldn’t touch him…Then all of a sudden, Bruce got him and rammed his ass into the wall and swept him, he proceeded to drop his knee into his opponent’s chest, locked his arm out straight, and nailed him in the face repeatedly.”

A true master in every sense.

Bruce lee Angry

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American Actor Bruce Lee
American Actor Bruce Lee

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