The eyes of a waitress light up as if something big is about to happen. A well known celebrity just walked into a restaurant and orders big. Cocktails, nice food and no holding back so when it comes to paying the check, knowing a tip is coming your way would be a mini rush in itself.


But which celebrities have made generous tips over the years? Even the President of the United States has had a generous episode. Let’s take a look at the highest tipping celebrities.


10. Dan Aykroyd

tip 2

Dan’s a regular at a restaurant in Syracuse, New York. A waitress claims he usually leaves either a $100 note or 50% of the tab total of whatever he ordered.

9. Barack Obama

tip 3

Even the president tips. With all the wealth and power at his disposal Obama paid for a $2 beer and told the waitress to keep the change of the $20 note. Quite a nice gesture for a man who we guess needed a beer while he was running for office at Raleigh Times Bar, North Carolina.

8. Bill Murray


A living legend in our eyes, Bill Murray tipped a 120% on a $60 check. He also went one further and showed the waiter how to make lemon wedges juicier by rolling it before slicing on a cutting board. Not bad for the waiter, learning something new and getting a sweet tip.

7. Drew Carey

drew 2

A comedian loved by the world also happens to be one of the richest. His worth is well up there and so are his generous tipping abilities. When dining at Arnie Morton Steakhouse in LA he paid the $250 check but also left a huge $400 tip to the lucky waitress. They must of cooked his steak perfectly?

6. Russell Crowe


The gladiator celebrity is known to tip high throughout his travels, this time in Wales. Crowe left a huge £600 tip after grabbing a quick drink at Carew Inn in Tenby. He must of really needed that beer.

5. Drew Barrymore


More than just a pretty face, Barrymore us known to leave 100% of the bill in tips after she dines. Bartender Ana Oriz can vouch for the actress saying she’s received generous tips from Barrymore not once but twice.

4. Charlie Sheen

charlie sheen

Charlie the party animal sure knows how to pay his way. When his daughter Cassandra Estevez had her Sweet Sixteenth birthday dinner, Sheen decided to tip all the staff $200 for their efforts. This earned him a small portion of praise and respect but he’s still got a long way to go!

3. David Beckham

David Beckham

The former football star can hold his head high as being one of the best known tippers in the business. Beckham left $1,000 at Joxer Dalsy’s bar in California to pay a $100 check. He also only drank mineral water and was getting something to eat after a game. He must of had a good game eh?

2. Johnny Deppdepp

This guy! Leaving $4,000 at a Steakhouse after a meal makes Depp one of the best tippers known. Mohammed Sekhani served the A Lister while Depp was filming Public Enemies. Not to be fussed over, the waiter knew just the right way to serve Johnny and was handsomely rewarded.

1. Donald Trump (hoax)

Donald TrumpLove him or hate him. This guy left a potentially life changing tip of $10,000 on an $82.27 bill at a restaurant in Santa Monica. Well that’s what everyone thought. Trump, known for his PR stunts over the years and on a tireless quest to be known as a generous person to the world, denies ever giving the tip at all. “It’s not my signature.” Trump says. “The stupid restaurant was trying to get publicity.” Let’s just go back to hating him then.