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Drones Dropping Drugs in Jail


It’s not just nerds playing with drones; organised crime and prison buddies on the outside are scheduling drop-offs using delivery drones across the globe. It certainly makes sense for criminals to explore the use of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) as traditional methods put both parties at risk. Reports are proving the new-found delivery method is easier said than. Piloting such missions have ended in police inception, crashes or taught in fences.

Dublin, Ireland

A drone was found caught in razor wire outside a Dublin prison yard June

South Carolina, USA

Crashed remote control drone was found with a payload of marijuana, tobacco and phones outside a South Carolina prison

Melbourne, Australia

Australian Police intercept drone delivering a stash of drugs to a Victorian prison.

Georgia, USA

Four people arrested for attempting to deliver a bunch of tobacco into the state prison in Calhoun, Georgia

Quebec, Canada

Quebec tightens security after a small helicopter drone flew over prison walls last weekend.

In the US, attempting to cross prison lines with contraband is a felony and carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. It’s obvious that this trend is taking off as the cost of consumer drones reach affordable prices.

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