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Ever Seen Inside of a Bullet?

Ever Seen Inside of a Bullet? | Boss Royal

It’s probably a good thing you’ve never seen inside a bullet let alone the receiving end of one, but have you ever wondered what’s inside the little beautifully designed packages of destruction? Let’s take a look.

Bullet 3

Sabine Pearlman created a brilliant project called ‘Ammo’ – Cross sections of Bullets. Pearlman along with a munitions expert set upon photographing the 900 different types of ammunition. This would of been an impressive feat however the expert agreed on a handful of selected ammunition types.

bullet 2

After you see the gunpowder in these little widow-makers called bullets, you’ll notice the vast range of ammo manifests itself. Some are simple slugs, some are buckshots and some are packed with deadly ball bearings. Engineering brilliance or devastating inventions? I think we can all agree on that we don’t want to be on the receiving end of these little bastards.

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