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The year 2014, a world with drones, laser based weapons and rail guns. Who’d of thought we’d have all this by now? Like something out of Universal Soldier, it’s already happening.

By 2030, you’d be naive to rule out a high-tech super soldier romping the battlefield. And as expected, a silent race is happening in the shadows, the race to create the ultimate soldier of the future.

future 4

At the Natick Soldier Systems RD&E Center in Massachusetts you’ll find an organisation tasked with the role of researching and developing cutting edge technology for the “Super Suits” of the future. “We’re building an F-16 on legs,” says Natick’s Dutch DeGay. So what is this Future Solider Program capable of offering soldiers? Well, we’re talking super-human strength to be able to pick up heavy objects, neural prosthetics and drugs that can aid sensory and cognitive ability plus an array of high-tech gadgets to help give the edge in warfare.

Weapons such as the TrackingPoint self-aiming rifle makes sniping child’s play.

Helmets are the nerve center for this new technology. By 2030, helmets will display heads up battlefield data to assist in target acquirement, communications and positional awareness. Developed by BAE Systems, the Q-Sight helmet is the latest in electronic 3D display of the battlefield. Access to SATCOM Uplink, GPS and location mapping of warplanes gives this helmet a huge advantage to a platoon of crack soldiers.

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Lockheed Martin also plays a big part in the future of the soldier. Who else could stand a chance developing such tech with 8% of the US defense budget!? HULC is the answer for dismounted warfighters who have to carry heavy loads for up to 20km. This hydraulic-powered, anthropomorphic exoskeleton is powered by titanium legs and can lift up to 200 pounds.

Looks like the future’s going to be one hell of a battle.


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