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The Penguin Suit, The Oscars best dressed 2014

Oscar Men, 2014

When The Oscars comes around, we hear all about the best dressed ladies on the red carpet. Rarely do we hear about their male counterpart. The options: Black on white, or white on black, who wore it best? Such restricting boundaries only limits creativity and chances of limelight. However, adding a twist to this traditional set of rules can put an exciting spin on the good old penguin suit.

Below is a quick hit list of 2014’s best dressed men.


Matthew McConaughey. The cream blazer is back.
McConaughey stands out on this year’s red carpet by going against the norm.


Jonah Hill. Jonah looks better than ever in his traditional black suit and bow tie.
A black tux works on all shapes and sizes.


Zac Efron. Efron might be trying a bit a bit too hard this year.
The old “School Boy” knot isn’t on form for The Oscars. His pants are way too short and tie a bit too thin.


 Joseph Gordon Levitt. Playing it safe in the traditional penguin suit with a textured blazer.
Not bad but not a head turner.


Jared Leto. Breaking rules and setting trends. Cream blazer set off with a ruby red bow-tie. This is a winner.


Brad Pit, the good old classic. Not breaking any rules and playing it safe.
Plus, having Mrs. Jolie by his side gives him a few extra points.

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