Counterfeiting money is easy. Doing it perfectly is near impossible.

A ‘Superdollar’ or also known as a ‘Supernote’ is a near mint quality grade counterfeit United States one hundred-dollar bill. Sources inside the US government have admitted such bills circulating since the late 1980’s. This is quite a shocking revelation considering how much the world uses the US currency. Many Asian countries attempt to counterfeit US currency due to the lack of faith they have in their own local currencies.

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Most counterfeit US notes fail trying to get past the security features. But every now and then there comes along a note so quality that it slips through all the gates. A note that bypasses US authorities is usually one made professionally, usually made in North Korea, so the US government suspects. Over $40 million of the Superbills were made in Britain by criminals. Gangs in Iran, Russia, China and Syria are heavy producers of counterfeit currency with Peru topping the list.


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The new $100 bill released in 2013 is designed to stop the production of Superbills. Take note the added ribbon which changes color and hologram when moved in light. Also note the Bell in the inkwell which changes from copper to green. But the damage is already done which authorities now having to produce a new $20 bill which they suspect is upwards of $40 million in circulation.

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Klaus Bender, author of works on counterfeiting has pointed the finger squarely at the CIA for being behind the Superbills. Why? To secure worldwide dominance of the US currency. Klaus claims that the notes have been such high quality that only a government authority would be capable of producing such a note. The Bakaa Valley has become one of the best sources of finding a ‘Supernote’ so well made that it’s near impossible to detect up until the new 2013 bill was released.

Peru Counterfeit Kings