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Top 10 Most Expensive Cities In The World


When you think of some of the most expensive cities in the world, you may think of New York City, Paris or even London. Crazy to say that those cities don’t even make the list!

Hong Kong remains the world’s most expensive city, where the average monthly rent of a unfurnished apartment costs a whopping $6,809.47! Luanda, Angola, will surprisingly cost you $6,700. How do these rates compare to other cities? Well, NYC and London haveĀ an average monthly rent of $4500 and Sydney is about $2600!

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To clear things up,the World Economic Forum states, “Luanda may not be the most expensive city in the world for the local population, but thanks to a booming oil economy, a limited supply of luxurious housing, and a high demand for it among expats, the cost of living there is higher than any city in the world.”

Movie tickets in London will cost you roughly $18, by far the most expensive whereas Johannesburg can be as little as $4!

1Hong Kong

2Luanda, Angola




6Kinshasa, Congo



9N’Djamena, Chad