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Extreme Zip-lining, Laos

Extreme Zip-lining, Laos | THE BOSS ROYAL

There’s nothing quite like extreme adventure in a third world country. No safety briefings, equipment or guidance necessary. Simply strap in, hold on and take it all in.

This 600 meter zip-line stretches across a huge valley reaching speeds of 50km/h.

As you navigate between valleys and gorges via a series of 600 meter long zip-lines, you need to put aside the fact if anything goes wrong, chances are you’ll fall to imminent death. This is a once in a life time experience. This is zip-lining in the Laos jungle, aka The Gibbon Experience.


The Gibbon Experience, just out of Huay Xai in Laos, near the border of Thailand.

If zip-lining 100 meters above the jungle in search of the elusive Gibbon whilst living in enormous tree houses sounds like your thing then you need to get off your ass and do it before it’s too late. Chances are, The Gibbon Experience wont be here for ever. Sadly, Laos is a very unstable country and organisations such as The Gibbon Experience don’t have much to fall back on if Tourism goes pear shaped. Your cash directly funds the protection of the highly prized Gibbon and preservation of their habitat. Amazingly, the Gibbon Experience employed over 90% of the poaches to act as their custodians. Armed with assault rifles and machetes, it’s inspiring to see such a turn around.

Put this on your bucket list, near the top.

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